Asigna actividades
a tu personal en campo

Operation in Field Service


In the operation in field service it is indispensable to have a control of the work cycle of its personnel, covering from a simple revision of some piece, equipment or apparatus, as well as a precise examination, everything to complement the process better, Is carried out with the best technology, forgetting the paper and data capture manually.

In Lertek we have a tool that does not require internet to run and that operates from different types of mobile devices, allowing to increase the productivity of your equipment by 60%, coordinating in real time the equipment of your force in the field in an efficient and That allows you to make decisions and offer better customer service.

It analyzes in detail the information of the report where
they fulfilled the time, movements, activities and etc.

The system registers arrival, filling of forms, orders,
tasks, activities and exit with each of the clients
Assign an itinerary of visits and promotional
activities to be carried out with each client



Simplifies and assigns routes, tasks and activities that will be carried out to give adequate follow-up to any equipment.


Facilitates the task, follow-up and supervision of assigned activities.


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