Infraestructura para
desarrollar estrategias de cobranza.


Collection Managers / Home Visits


Companies engaged in collections need technical skills and environmental knowledge to carry out their activities. This allows them to offer an experience in their services, which in turn requires a knowledge, infrastructure and human capital deployment to be carried out. Meet the expectations and objectives of its customers.

Thinking about this need, Lertek creates a system that does not require the internet to run, which operates from different types of mobile devices allowing to increase the productivity of its field equipment up to 60% and improving the quality of service.

Within the business world, receiving professional assistance is an essential part of a company’s success.

Experts are needed who continuously develop collection strategies that allow them to give added value and to have a quality service.

It analyzes in detail the information of the report where
they fulfilled the time, movements, activities and etc.

The system registers arrival, filling of forms, orders,
tasks, activities and exit with each of the clients
Assign an itinerary of visits and promotional
activities to be carried out with each client


Portfolio management:

Facilitates and manages the monitoring of the portfolio.

Home visit:

It simplifies and assists routes and itineraries of visits, saving time and better results.


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