Seguimiento de sucursales
en tiempo real.

Control of branches

Opening / Closing / Checklists

The administration of one or several branches always presents the challenge of maintaining order and controlling the costs of operation; Anyone who has this type of problem in their business wants their operation to be efficient and profitable.

For that reason and making of technology its ally, Lertek created a mobile application with which the whole process of administration of each of the branches can be carried out in order to have a control over them and the employees of the same ones.

You can use the Lertek tool to monitor the basic activities of your branches, such as accounting, reporting, logistics and automation of certain areas. In addition, you can obtain the checklist of opening, closing, operational discipline and registration of attendance of the different branches of your business.

It analyzes in detail the information of the report where
they fulfilled the time, movements, activities and etc.

The system registers arrival, filling of forms, orders,
tasks, activities and exit with each of the clients
Assign an itinerary of visits and promotional
activities to be carried out with each client


Opening checklists:

Create a list to follow the opening of the branch.

Discipline Operator:

Take control of activities within each branch.


Register and facilitate the closure of the branch.

Attendance Record:

Check, time of entry and exit of the attendants of each branch.


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