Soluciones móviles
para la administración
y control de tu fuerza de venta.

Sales and Trade Marketing

Promotores / Venderores / Punto de Venta / Merchandising / Mystery Shopper



It simplifies and assigns routes and itineraries to your promoters / sellers, saving them time and better results, collecting inventory at the point of sale, generating reports that allow you to organize and manage field staff. With the photo, video and audio capture you can verify that the promotions are carried out properly and in real time, in the merchandising check that all your products have the appropriate accommodation, facilitate the inspector’s tasks in collecting products, and all This information goes directly to the system.

All information collected by your staff will be delivered in real time, from the first day the system is implemented, you will obtain data from your promoters and sales staff. All formats are customized and flexible at the time of its creation, since we give the tools to the user so that you can get the results you need. We support high volumes of information, have a closer link with your promoters / sellers.

Our system does not require the internet to run, it operates from different types of mobile devices, allowing to increase the productivity of its field equipment up to 60%, improving the quality in the service to client.With it, you have access to information In real time, streamlines personal-managerial data exchange, lower operating costs, total control of inspections and audits in addition to verification of promotional material.

It analyzes in detail the information of the report where
they fulfilled the time, movements, activities and etc.

The system registers arrival, filling of forms, orders,
tasks, activities and exit with each of the clients
Assign an itinerary of visits and promotional
activities to be carried out with each client


Route Planning and Allocation:

Simplifies and assigns visiting routes and itineraries, saving time and providing better results

Mobile point of sale:

To record in real time including GPS, Video photography


Impression of tickets and payment by credit card:

Facilitates collection and collection of field data

Inventory Lifting:

Generates reports of inventory that allows organizing your information, leaving evidence of the tasks done for solving problems.

Photographic evidence and registration of location:

Record the GPS position to check the real-time inspectors’ route and check the route compliant.

Filling in checklists:

Fill and validate inspection formats in a simple way.


Check that the promotion is carried out in the best way.


It confirms that the accommodation of your products is of the successful way.

Mystery Shoppers:

Facilitates the task of the inspector collecting products directly to the system.


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